World Autism Awareness Week 30 March – 5 April 2020 (AKA Kagai/B from Kagai Games) is running a huge charity event for World Autism Awareness Week from Monday 30th March Sunday 5th April 2020, and he needs your help and support.

It’s gaming and it’s for a great cause, read on…

Kagai Games And Friends working in support of the National Autistic Society
World Autism Awareness Week starts at the end of March and I’m working to support the National Autistic Society to raise awareness, and run some positive, informative and exciting fundraising to promote gaming as a support to those with Autism and social anxiety.

About Kagai games & Barrington

I’m Barrington AKA B AKA Kagai, the founder and creator of Kagai Games. I am a high-functioning autistic person. Autism affects how a person learns, communicates with and relates to other people and the spectrum is a wide and varied one.

For me, gaming has changed my life and taught me so much. My biggest passion is showing everyone how beneficial gaming can be when it comes to learning about social interaction.

At Kagai Games we design tabletop games to help and support people with social anxiety and Autism. We aim to show how beneficial and attainable it is to make friends and enjoy experiences through gaming in general.

You can see more in this one-minute documentary about my story:

Find out more from the experts at the National Autistic Society:

Your help and support

There are a number of events Kagai Games will be running during the week. If you can spare the time to support us before and/or during NAAW it really will be invaluable, even if it’s just sharing on social media (posting to promote and support our events).

  • Promote our Dungeons & Dragons role playing sessions for viewers open to all who want to take part. Use this link and @kagaiGames on twitter when you do., and/or even make a guest appearance on the day.
  • Donate prizes for giveaways. Even simple amazon vouchers and other sites digital game codes are an amazing support.
  • Twitch Streamers, Influencers and celebrities, it would be amazing if you could give us some time and take part in a collaborative DnD session.
  • Donate prizes to go to the winners of our community games.

It would be amazing if you could lend your time to play a few games with us on our live stream during one of the events listed above, or pledging your support for the Kagai games events that will be live streaming through a short promo video or audio clip we can use with our events. Donating prizes, autographs and items that can be shipped around easily would be incredibly helpful.

An endorsement would also be welcome. Anything you can do to help raise awareness of the event and let people discover what Kagai Games and the Ludaverse is trying to achieve – awareness and support. Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information or if you can donate, please visit

Barrington “Kagai”
@kagaigames on twitter and Instagram
Also at

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